Nov. 10, 2022

Polyvinyl Chloride is widely available in two categories: rigid and flexible. Each type has its own set of advantages and ideal uses in different industries.

Flexible PVC can be used as cable insulation and as a rubber replacement.
Rigid PVC has a variety of uses in construction and plumbing, providing a lightweight, cost-effective and durable material.

What are the most important properties of PVC?

  • High hardness and excellent tensile strength (rigid PVC).
  • Easy plastic injection molding and machining.
  • Easy to obtain and cheap.
  • Addition of heat stabilizer during processing for high heat resistance.
  • Suitable for medium and low voltage and low frequency insulation applications.

PVC is a thermoplastic that can be easily injection molded and then recycled.

Economical production costs Combined with the above properties, PVC injection molding has become one of the best and easiest options for manufacturing various plastic products such as pipe fittings, used in the construction industry as well as in the agricultural industry.

Powerjet PVC injection molding machines adopt a special PVC screw, which can effectively solve the problems of drawing and yellowing PVC products; excellent air cooling control improves the stability of the PVC heat-sensitivity molding process.

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PVC Pipe Fitting Injection Production with Powerjet PVC330

机器型号 PVC330-S6
夹紧力 330kN
开口行程 600mm
顶杆行程 180mm
顶出力 77mm
螺杆行程 310mm