How are Plastic Flip Top Bottle Caps Made?

Oct. 21, 2022

Plastic bottle caps are mainly used in beverage industry (mineral water), edible oil industry, sauce and vinegar condiment industry, chemical industry, lubricating oil industry and paint and coating industry.

For packaging or filling enterprises, plastic bottle caps should be safe, beautiful, reasonably priced, free of quality defects, and well-matched with plastic bottles for sealing;

For the final consumer, the plastic bottle caps should be a package that is easy to open, light in weight, safe, and will not cause harm to people.

Want to learn how injection molding machine makes plastic bottle caps?

Injection molding bottle cap process:

The suction machine sucks the mixed material into the barrel of the injection molding machine, heats it in the barrel, and reaches a molten state under the action of screw conveying, melting, and stirring.

Then enter the mold cavity under the action of high injection pressure, cool and mold in the cavity, demould, and complete the production of injection caps.

The following video uses Powerjet BJ series injection molding machine to produce flip top covers, PE material, and the cycle is about 17 seconds.

The closure method of the flip caps opened after injection molding is that the flip caps close automatically in the mold.

Case for Reference: