Mixed Two-Color Plastic Buckets Injection Molding

Nov. 4, 2022

Powerjet Mixed Double Color Injection Molding Machine widely used in daily necessities, hotel toiletries, handicraft decorations, children’s toys, medical instruments, and other industries.

Our customers are satisfied with our multi-material injection molding machines.

Powerjet Two Color Injection Molding Machine’s Features

  • The whole machine is a modular design. The clamping part and the injection part can be combined in various ways to expand the scope of selection.
  • Two independent injection systems can be customized according to the amount of injection required by the product. One-time forming of two-color and two-material products can not only shorten the forming cycle but also enhance the flexibility of selection, so as to achieve the highest production efficiency.
  • A set of two-color dies can be used to produce two-color products, Ordinary dies (with the same thickness) can also be used to produce two-color products or single products at the same time, so as to maximize the utilization rate of hoistable and die.

Energy-saving, Excellent performance, Reducing production costs, Easy to operate.

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Do you want to know how mixed-color plastic buckets are made?

Case for Reference:
Machine Model CM560-S6
Product 20L Plastic Buckets
Weight 540G
Diameter 390*312mm
Material PP