How To Choose PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

Jul 13, 2022

Are you planning to add a new preform production line or start a new business in the PET preform sector? Do you know how to choose the right PET preform equipment model for your project?

You need to learn some details about the PET preforms

Information such as preform weight, the neck diameter of preform, daily capacity, etc. you want to produce. Based on this information, injection molding machine manufacturer will recommend suitable mold cavities and the model of the machine.

Important points for choosing the right machine

  • Sufficient clamping force
  • Pay attention to the actual injection volume and screw diameter of the machine
  • The tie-bar distance, mold height and minimum mold size should be considered
  • According to the size of the mold and preform, judge whether the opening stroke and ejection stroke are sufficient for product demoulding

Powerjet PET preform molding solution

Case for reference:

Preform Type Water Bottle
Neck Size 28mm
Weight 20g
Cycle Time 18s
Machine Model KPET2100-S6
Capacity 9600 pcs/h

термопластавтомат ПЭТ преформ

Powerjet PET & KPET Series

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