5 Gallon Bottle Caps Injection Molding Production Line

Oct. 8, 2022

The 5 gallon bottle cap refers to the plastic cap of the 5-gallon drinking bottled water, which is an important part of bottled water. It plays the role of sealing the entire bucket to prevent the growth of bacteria, so it is widely used in the packaging of bottled water. 5 Gallon Non-Spill Bottle Caps are typically injection molded with food-grade polyethylene (PE) material.

How to improve the injection speed and accuracy of the disposable and easy-to-wear 5 gallon water bottle caps, reduce the burr of the product and reduce the defect rate, has become the focus of bottled water plastic cap manufacturers.

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Powerjet KII288-S7 high-precision injection molding machine produces 5 gallon caps with high molding stability. The optimized injection mechanism reduces the injection resistance and improves the speed and accuracy of the product. In the pursuit of cost optimization and profit maximization, effectively provide customers with continuous competitiveness.

5 Gallon Bottle Caps Injection Molding Production

Case for Reference:
Machine Model Powerjet KII288-S7
Mold Cavity 12 Cavities
Cycle Time 11s
Weight 12.1g
Material HDPE
Screw 60mm
Electricity Consumption 13.42kWH