How To Choosing The Right Plastic Pallet Injection Molding Machine?

Dec. 13, 2022

There are increasing plastic molders choosing two-platen injection molding machines, why? The major reason is that the special two-platen injection molding machine highlights meet various production demands of the plastic injection molding parts.

Two Platen Injection Molding Machine Highlights

Two platen injection molding machine is generally more flexible for plastic parts with enhanced reliability, higher machine uptime and greater productivity.

  • Space-saving
    The length of the two-platen machine in the same tonnage is about 10-20% shorter than the three-platen machine, Saving machine floor space and reducing plant rental expenses.
  • Fast mold opening speed
    Adopt low-pressure rapid mold opening & closing cylinder, plus multi-stage proportional pressure control to ensure low-pressure mold protection, standard high-speed mold-moving proportional valve; Fast mold opening speed, shortens production cycle and improves production efficiency.
  • Large Mold Opening Stroke
    The mold opening stroke is not restricted by the structure. Mold opening & closing strokes can be increased according to the process requirements! There is no need to purchase a larger three-platen machine, reducing machine investment costs.

After a lot of market research, Powerjet has designed and developed a high-efficiency and energy-saving two-plate injection molding machine specializing in the production of various plastic pallets.

Powerjet Servo Two-platen Injection Molding Machines–DP Series:

  • The special screw with a large aspect ratio is adopted to improve the plasticizing capacity.
  • Ultra-wide space of the mold clamping area, large core pulling space and easy operation.
  • The clamping movable template adopts a linear guide rail, low lubrication cost & simple maintenance.

Choosing The Right Plastic Pallet Injection Molding Machine

DP1500-S6, DP1800-S6, DP2100-S6, DP2500-S6, DP2900-S6, DP3300-S6 These production cases are for reference only, please feel free to contact us for details!

Powerjet Plastic Pallets Injection Molding Production

Case for Reference:
Machine Model DP2000-S6A
Product Nine-legged Plastic Pallet
Size 1200*1000*150mm
Weight 8.5KG
Material PE
Screw Diameter Φ170mm