The Most Popular Materials for LED Light Housings

Nov. 25, 2022

Aluminum is the most commonly used metal material for the production of LED lamp shades, and as a very popular material, aluminum has been used in many kinds of LED lamps for a long time.

The lighting industry is advancing with the rapid development of material science, and new materials are sought in the Led lighting industry to produce light, functional and beautiful Led lamps.

Due to the thermal conductivity and light weight of plastic, it is obviously a good choice for making Led lighting housings. So now plastic is an increasingly popular material in the lighting industry

The Advantages of Pure Plastic Compared to Plastic-clad Aluminum:

  • Less weight, very popular material.
  • Lower production cos.
  • It is more convenient in the injection molding process, saving the action of putting the aluminum cup.
  • The design is more diverse and beautiful, such as diamond shape, wave shape.

Disadvantages of Pure Plastic Compared to Plastic-clad Aluminum:

  • Heat dissipation deteriorate.

Injection Mold Design:

  • Design according to the design with aluminum, customers can choose aluminum or no aluminum.

The most popular type of thermoplastic material used for LED housings is polycarbonate(PC), which is very strong and can withstand high temperatures.

Polycarbonate(PC) for LED housings can be molded into countless designs and shapes through injection molding, profile extrusion, sheet or thermoforming processes.

Powerjet provides injection production solutions for LED bulb covers and housings.

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