72 Cavity PET Preforms Injection Molding Production Line

Sep. 13, 2022

After several years of market research, Powerjet launched PET special machine in 2006 and set up PET project department to guide PET customers from standard injection molding machines to PET special injection molding machines, so as to improve the output of the machine & bring practical benefits to customers.

Advantages of Powerjet Preform Injection Molding Machines

And through our test comparison and analysis, our screw  L/D ratio is more reasonable. Moreover, it can significantly increase the plasticizing speed and reduce the plasticizing temperature, so as to effectively reduce the amount of acetaldehyde release (AA value) and improve the quality of the preform.

POWERJET KPET series high-speed preform injection molding machines are accurate and fast; plasticizing and mold opening and closing are synchronized to shorten the production cycle, ensure product quality, and improve product competitiveness.

Application: suitable for a 48-cavity, 64-cavity, 72-cavity water preform with a weight between 11g and 20g with high comprehensive benefit.

Compared with the ordinary PET special machines

  • The high-speed PET special machines are faster, and the cycle time can be shortened by 3-5 seconds
  • More efficient, the production capacity can be increased by 30%-40%
  • More energy-saving, the production cost of each preform can be saved by about 0.00023 US dollars

Taking 13.5g 72 cavity water bottle preform as an example, the production cycle of an ordinary pet special machine (PET3105L-V6) is 17.2 seconds, and it can produce 15069 pieces preforms per hour.

And the production cycle of the high-speed pet special machine (KPET3105L-E6) only takes 12.9 seconds and the number of preforms produced per hour is as high as 20,093 pieces.

Powerjet 72 Cavity PET Preform Molding Solution

Case for reference:
Machine Model KPET3105L-E6(57kw Servo system+80kw Electric plasticizing)
Mold Cavity 72 Cavities
Weight 13.5g Water Bottle Preform
Auxiliary Equipment 2000L drying system, 40P water cooling machine
Cycle Time 12.9s
Output/Unit/Hour 20093 piece
Output/Unit/Day 482232 piece
Material Ton/Day 6.5T PET material