Thin-walled Disposable Food Box Injection Production Equipment

Sep. 21, 2022

POWERJET KF series high-speed thin-wall special injection molding machine is a high-end product developed by integrating decades of experience and absorbing advanced technology from other countries. It solves the problems of high pressure, high temperature, slow production cycle, and poor mechanical structure existing in the production of thin-wall products by most of the current fast-moving machines.

KF series is dedicated to the production of high-end food and other thin-walled packaging containers, such as disposable high-end PP material ice cream cups, yogurt cups, milk tea cups, food boxes, etc.

Powerjet High-Speed Injection Molding Machines for Thin-wall Products have three advantages

  • Innovative design of plasticizing system achieves low-temperature injection; it makes the machine energy-saving, and environmental, and manufactures products with high tenacity and toughness.
  • Advanced hydraulic system achieves low-pressure injection; it makes the machine gain better mechanical protection, has a longer mold service life, and manufactures products with low stress and deformation.
  • Optimized control system achieves fast response speed; it makes the machine obtain a higher shot rate in a short time and reaches the best within 0.3 seconds.

Powerjet Disposable Food Box Injection Production

Case for Reference: The cycle time of each machine may vary, you could share your target production capacity on how many piece per hour to us!
Machine Model KF390-S8
Product 750ml Square Disposable Food Box
Mold Cavity 4 Cavities
Thickness 0.37mm
Weight 13g
Material PP