Injection Molding Machines for Plastic Bottle Caps

Oct. 11, 2022

Because different plastic bottles have different caps, there are strict requirements on air tightness to ensure the safety of items stored in plastic bottles. Therefore, producing a high-quality plastic bottle cap has high requirements on the performance of the injection molding machines.

Powerjet KII series high-precision injection molding machines and BJ series standard servo energy-saving injection molding machines are suitable for the production of multi-cavity mineral water bottle caps, flip-top caps, threaded rotary caps, and other types.

KII High-precision Injection Molding Machine

  • Using European high-end technology, suitable for high-precision and high-capacity plastic molding projects such as plastic bottle caps;
  • High injection speed, fast response, greatly shortening the cycle period;
  • Precise control, using advanced controller, high-precision servo valve;
  • Using a high-response servo system, can save about 30%-70% of energy consumption;
  • Stable operation, low noise, and low vibration.

BJ Standard Servo Energy-saving Injection Molding Machine

  • Fast response and high precision;
  • Short molding cycle and high efficiency;
  • Servo system, energy saving up to 80%;
  • Low noise, more environmentally friendly.

Powerjet injection molding machines have been widely recognized and verified by customers for the unique advantages of being “more efficient and energy-saving, more precise and stable, wider scope of application, the longer service life of machine and mold”.

In the pursuit of cost optimization and profit maximization, effectively provide customers with continuous competitiveness.

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