Plastic Bottle Handles Injection Molding Production Line

Oct. 27, 2022

Plastic handles can be understood as accessories attached to bottles or parts for holding or carrying. Mainly used to help people carry liquid plastic bottles, such as bottled drinking water, cooking oil, sauces and beverages.


The plastic ring pull handle is designed for single bottles, making the bottle easy to grip, carry and pour. The plastic eye ring provides a snug fit on the neck portion of the bottle and can be installed without heat to allow it to be stretched.

When we lift and carry the bottle, the bottle does not slip out of the snap ring. The tight, strong clip will lock tightly onto the neck of the neck and stay there until you snap the snap.

Plastic bottle handles are generally made of PE, HDPE and PP materials by injection molding machines.

Powerjet KII288-S7 high-precision injection molding machine with high molding stability. The optimized injection mechanism reduces the injection resistance and improves the speed and accuracy of the product.

5 gallon Water Bottle Handles Production Line

Case for Reference:
Machine Model Powerjet KII288-S7
Mold Cavity 12 Cavities
Cycle Time 11s
Weight 1.3g
Material HDPE